Wednesday, 13 February 2013

You Don't Know Know What You've Got (Till it's gone)

With the country still reeling from the Francis Report - available here  

What impact do you think the transition from Strategic Health Authorities to NHS Commissioning Boards will have on the provision of public health services via your local Leeds  GP? 

Do you consider Leeds City Council to be competent to take over the role of Primary Health Care? 

Come to the Anti Cuts Convention on Saturday 

And tell us what you think, what your experiences are as a worker in the NHS or as a customer

Good, bad or indifferent? 

If you can't come along  please feel free to add your comments below and we will endeavor to take them into consideration. 

Friday, 1 February 2013

Leeds Anti Cuts Convention - 16th Feb 2013

Are YOU  sick of  your local politicians saying 

"our hands are tied"

 "its the Condems  not us"

"we have no choice!"

SOUND FAMILIAR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


2nd Leeds Anti Cuts Convention 

Saturday  16th February  

11.30 am  - 4.30pm 

Speakers include 

Richard Wilkinson

Author of

‘Spirit Level- why equality makes societies stronger "

For further information please contact  us  HERE